From Left to Right:  Mr. Withespoon, Mr. A. Bradley; Mr. R. Bradley, Mr. Rhynes and Ms. Gaymon.


Ode to the Custodian by: Kbraun

Mops, brooms and feather dusters

Are tools used by these cleaning busters.

They empty our trash and recycle each night

They make our hallways clean and bright.


Buffers, vacuums and scrubbers too

Help the custodians clean for you.

Disinfectant’s a must, smells of green pine

That makes our stainless fixtures shine.


Custodians polish both brass and wood

To keep the furnishings looking good.

They vacuum the carpets and wax the floors

They wash the windows and the glass doors.


So when you leave the office each night

Remember the staff that is out of sight

The custodian is working while you’re asleep

Scrubbing, dusting and gathering heap.


Of paper you placed in the recycle bin

Think of the custodian and give a grin

To those keeping the work place clean for you

Without the custodian, what would you do