High Hills Elementary serves fourth and fifth grade students.  We are located at 1705 Frierson Road, Shaw Air Force Base.  The school is accessible by two gates on a public access road near Shaw Air Force Base, one entrance is accessible by 441 Peach Orchard Road and the other entrance is located on Frierson Road, near 521.  The public access road is open on all school days from the hours of 6:30 am-4:30 pm.





State and Federal Notifications

School Profile 

2023 – 2024 Student/Parent handbook


Comprehensive Needs Assessment




Mission Statement for High Hills Elementary School
The School Mission Statement
The mission of High Hills Elementary School is to provide each student with a quality education by developing academic and social skills in a safe
High Hills Elementary Student Created Mission Statement
High Hills Panthers are committed to helping each other through teamwork and leadership. As a Panther, I will strive to work hard in all I do as I
learn and grow. I will show kindness and respect to everyone around me. I am proud to be a Panther.
The Panther Pledge
Today, I pledge to treat everyone with respect, stay on task, show orderly conduct in all I do, take care of school property and the property of
others because I’ve got that Panther Pride!
School Colors: Yellow and Black
School Motto: “Where Small Paws, Make BIG Impressions”
School Mascot: Panther

Special Features and Programs

Behavioral Interventionist Field trips Monthly Newsletter
Birthday Recognitions Full-time Counselor One-to-One Technology
Campus SRO Full-time Nurse School Safety Patrol
Clubs Full Inclusion Program Student-led programs, Ambassadors,

Lighthouse Team
Community Partnerships Kindness Campaigns Teacher Teams

2023-2024 Teacher of the Year: KELLI HOWARD