Parent/Student Handbook

Attached is our 2023-2024 student handbook. Please read over this and discuss with your child.



Are you prepared for a school emergency? Read the attached document for crisis preparedness.

20172018 Parent Emergency Flyer



If you are concerned about your child’s progress in school, please use the following guidelines for getting your questions answered.  Contact your child’s teacher.  If you still have questions, contact Ms. Talps our Guidance Counselor.  If your concerns are still not addressed, please contact Dr. Comerford our Instructional Coach.  If all of these steps have not resolved the issue or concerns, please make an appointment or call administration.  

Student Academic Assistance Brochure


read to succeed

Read to Succeed

The goal of the Read to Succeed Act is to ensure that every educator at every grade level in every school and subject area is committed and able to support reading development of the South Carolina students they serve.

Requirements for the Read to Succeed (R2S) endorsements in literacy were established in Title 59 Chapter 155 of the South Carolina Code of Laws (1976). As Specified in statute, an educator may earn these endorsements at the pre-service level through coursework or at the in-service level through coursework and/or professional development approved by the South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE).

Depending on an educator’s certification area, he or she must earn either the R2S Literacy Teacher Endorsement or the R2S Literacy Requirement.

The Read to Succeed Legislation (Act 284) requires that the South Carolina Department of Education with the approval of the State Board of Education develop, implement, evaluate, and continuously refine a comprehensive state plan for prekindergarten through grade twelve to improve reading achievement.

To learn more about the Read to Succeed program you can visit the South Carolina State Department website at

To find out ways parents can support literacy and help your child be a successful reader or to find out what High Hills is doing to support this program you may contact Mrs. Madojemu, Reading Coach at 803-499-3327 ext. 207.


parent portal

Parent Portal

To sign up for Parent Portal please contact Elizabeth Huggins at  High Hills Elementary School 803-499-3327 ext. 700.

For directions to access your account or forgotten username and password, please click on the links below.

Directions for Parent Portal

Request form for forgotten username and password




Report cards go home four times annually at the end of each nine-week grading period. Dates are given on the annual calendar. Interim reports go home midway during each nine-week period. Progress reports go home every 2 1/4 weeks after interims. These dates are marked on your calendar.



The grading is as follows:                Elementary School Grade Weight:         Visual and Performing Arts, Health and Safety and

A= 90-100                                           Major 40%                                                   Physical Education:

B= 80-89                                             Minor 60%                                                   O=Outstanding

C= 70-79                                                                                                                     S=Satisfactory

D= 60-69                                                                                                                    N=Needs Improvement

F= 59 and below