South Carolina Friendly Standards

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Brain Stretching Activities

AIMS Puzzle Center

Brain Binders

Brain Food – Puzzles for the Brain to Gnaw On

Lateral Thinking Puzzles

Logi-Number Puzzles

Logic Puzzles

Number Puzzles

Word Boxes

Word Puzzles


Anagram Family Tree

My Learning at Home – Collection of ELA activities

Seven Letter Scrabble® Spell-Off

Vocabulary and Spelling:

LetterRip – cool word game

Letter Blocks – another fun word game

Hangaroo – Hangman: save the kangaroo!

Stay Afloat – hangman games in different categories

Vocabulary can be Fun – hangman, word quizzes, and more

Free Rice Vocabulary Game – learn words and help the hungry

Spellits – game to practice plural spellings, and more

Whomp – play against Bigfoot in this spelling game that is like Boggle

Analogies – from Sadlier Oxford

Bounce – smash the misspelled words

It’s Greek to Me – practice root words and meanings

Poetry and Writing Skills:

ABCya Word Clouds – create word clouds

Rewordify – cool tool to explore vocabulary. copy in text to simplify

Printing Press – create a brochure

DYI Poetry – arrange words to make a poem online

Poetry Engine – online tool to help create cinquains, haiku, and more

Instant Poetry Forms – large variety of styles, fill in blanks and click to create poems

Magnetic Poetry – move words to make poetry

Letter Generator -write a letter online, step by step

Word Tamer – all kinds of creative activities to spark your writing imagination

The Story Starter Jr. – click the button to get a story idea

Story Starters – spin the wheel to get an idea for a story

My Storybook – write a story book online

Grammar and Parts of Speech:

Wacky Web Tales – practice parts of speech with these silly stories

Power Proofreading – excellent games to practice English skills

Funbrain Word Games – a variety of English and Reading Related games

Brainpop English Movies – see movies on grammar skills

Grammar Ninja – identify parts of speech

Word Shark – find the parts of speech

Self Study Grammar Quizzes – test your skills

Grammar Blast – from Houghton Mifflin, skills by grade

Edit Dan’s Copy – proofreading game, from Scholastic

Word Sort – sort nouns, adjectives, verbs

Fun Quiz – identify parts of speech

Grammaropolis – learn about parts of speech

Road to Grammar – quizzes and other activities on grammar topics

British Council Grammar Games – practice a variety of skills

Adjective Detective – find the adjectives

Synonyms and Antonyms – cross the river game

Break it Up – practice dividing syllables

Extreme Sentence Surgeons – super proofreading game

Gammaropolis – videos, songs, characters to teach parts of speech

Comprehension Skills:

Sequencing Fun – many sequencing exercises, scroll down to see list

Destination Reading Folktale – series of activities based on story

Into the Book – ask your teacher for directions to login

Interactives – practice story elements using Cinderella

Cause/Effect – matching game

Sequencing – put the train in order

Language Tools:

Visuwords – online graphical dictionary, very cool!

Idiomsite – learn more about idioms

Rhymezone – online rhyming dictionary, famous quotes, English quizzes, and more!

Anagram Maker – cool tool!


AIMS Puzzle Center

Calculation Nation –Practice your math skills in a game against kids all over the world!

It All Adds Up

Kahn Academy

My Learning at Home

Number Puzzles

Operation: Math

Prodigy Math Game – Covers all math content

Seven Letter Scrabble® Spell-Off

Shuttle Launch

Story Problem Collection – Addition and Subtraction – 4th grade begins on pg 40, 5th grade begins on pg 51

Story Problem Collection – Multiplication and Division – 4th/5th Grade begins on page 7


AIMS Puzzle Center

My Learning at Home

Sites to Access Digital Resource for SSD Adopted Textbooks and Series – contact your child’s teacher for access

ConnectED – Digital version and supports for the math series

Think Central — Digital site to access the Journeys reading series, interactive grammar lessons, and leveled eReaders.

PearsonRealize – Digital site to support the Science and Social Studies textbooks

MAP Test Practice

Here are some links to some pages that may help to prepare for the MAP tests:


Study Jams Math – video tutorials, with quiz questions

Study Jams Problem Solving – scroll to bottom for games and activities linked to the Common Core by grade

MAP Math Online Activities by RIT score

NWEA Math RIT Sites from Westfield Elementary
Math Slice Practice Tests – for 3rd, 4th, 5th

Robot Calculator – use the calculator to solve math problems


MAP Reading Online Activities by RIT score

NWEA Reading RIT Sites from Westfield Elementary